NEC Infrontia Enhances Systems with MyCalls Call Recorder

MyCalls Call Recorder has been added to the NEC Infrontia Aspire and XN120 PBX systems.

“Resellers and their customers can no longer afford to ignore call recording,” says Elaine Annis, Marketing Manager. “In many industries it is now a regulatory requirement. In many others it offers a vital commercial benefit that will not only save a great deal of money but also a great deal of grief. There’s a parallel in the motor industry. Thirty years ago, a heated rear window was often an optional extra. Today, you’d be appalled if it wasn’t standard. Call recording is rapidly going the same way.”

What makes MyCalls Call Recorder special, Annis believes, is the range of advanced features that are bundled together in a low cost offering. “Calls are encrypted, which means that they cannot be tampered with and so will be able to stand up in court. Moreover, they can be archived and recorded files can be exported as .wav and .wma.

“Importantly, the system is both ultra clear and ultra controllable. Clear, because calls are recorded in stereo so that each party to the conversation is heard on a separate speaker. Controllable, because specific extensions, ACD groups, DDIs, callers and call types can be excluded – or indeed highlighted. Calls are streamed from server to client PC and band width throttling can be enabled for users with low band width.”

Distributors and resellers are being briefed on the launch now. As Annis says, “Our Aspire and XN120 systems have been outstandingly successful. Continuing innovations such as MyCalls Call Recorder will only consolidate our reputation with existing users and win even more sales for our channel partners.”

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