NEC Launches Cloud Based Storage Solution for Telecom Carriers

NEC Corporation announced today the launch of NEC Cloud Storage, a cloud based storage solution which enables telecom carriers to let their customers seamlessly store and access their corporate and personal data on a full range of devices, such as tablets, smart phones and PCs.

NEC’s solution helps enterprises with their information management in order to meet the increasing demand for secure and easily accessible corporate data storage solutions. The security of the stored information is guaranteed through real time encryption algorithms and highly redundant cloud storage. The capacity for storing data can be scaled in real time, based on a pay-per-use business model, and adapted to each end user’s needs.

Thanks to the automated synchronisation of most frequently used files, end users can access their stored information from multiple devices even when offline or when the connection is lost. All files can also be accessed through a web browser. NEC’s Cloud Storage solution can be incorporated into a carrier’s systems “next day” for carriers that also use NEC’s Cloud Marketplace integration.

The NEC Cloud Storage solution has been fully developed at the NEC Cloud Competence Centre (CoC) in Madrid by leveraging the company’s broad experience in developing cloud services for EMEA. NEC Cloud Storage is selected by a variety of carriers in EMEA as the most scalable and robust platform aimed at the small and medium business market.

“NEC Cloud Storage enhances carriers’ ability to provide its subscribers with value added services, allowing our customers to become real first movers in the mobile cloud storage arena,” said Jaime Serrano, senior vice president of cloud at NEC Europe.

“NEC is already recognized as a leading provider of Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. We are further expanding our current cloud portfolio and this continuous innovation allows us to expand the cloud business in overseas markets.”

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