NEC Launches Smart Communications System

NEC Enterprise Solutions has launched the new SL2100 Smart Communications System in the EMEA markets. Directed specifically at smaller and mid-sized businesses, the SL2100 is an intelligent communication solution that boasts enterprise-grade functionality.

With wide-ranging, enterprise-grade Voice over IP (VoIP), Smart Mobility and Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), the SL2100 enables businesses to provide the high levels of customer service required today, keeping colleagues and customers up-to-date and connected by means of single number reach, built-in web based conferencing, remote worker/home office support and the ability to use smartphones as system extensions.

“Because of our long-time involvement and expertise in addressing the needs of smaller businesses, we have been able to include latest technology and functionality tuned to the needs for economy, mobility and ecology”, said Graeme Snowden, Director SMB Portfolio at NEC Enterprise Solutions.

“In addition to being highly competitive as a SMB business solution, the SL2100 is our most reseller-friendly series so far. With minimal system configurations from ‘out of the box’ settings, the time taken for set-up and system commissioning can be brought right down to less than half an hour. With intuitive features that are simple to understand and use, partner training and end user instruction are minimal as well”, he adds.

“Channel partners these days are seeking a strong and stable vendor that they can rely on to take their business and that of their customers safely and solidly into the far future. With NEC financially strong, the Global No.1 in this market sector and known for Quality and Reliability, we are the vendor of choice for many of them”, said Bert Plasman, VP EMEA Channel Sales at NEC Enterprise Solutions.

“The SL2100 is a key pillar of our business strategy to further expand our market coverage in EMEA. Its extreme value for money gives us full opportunity to successfully address the SMB market, with its scalable architecture, top of the bill functionalities and excellent price point”, Plasman concludes.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine