NEC Tackles Fraud with new Guard Application

To help combat the increase in Toll Fraud, NEC have launched a new Toll Fraud Guard application, which comes at an entry-level price point of just £99 RRP.

Designed for NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 communication server for SMBs plus the SL1100 for the small business. The application is built-in, which means no extra PC is required for installation.

The Toll Fraud Guard application works by monitoring the SMDR output of the system and identifies calls that could be deemed fraudulent. It can then either alert the company via email or if the activity is considered to be more suspicious also block the activity immediately.

NEC Sales Director Andrew Cooper explains: “Toll fraud stats in the UK are shocking with an estimated cost of £1.2bn each year and an average cost of £10k per victim. NEC resellers can now help protect their customers with an easily configured solution at just £99.”

Reseller Steve Hogan of EBT communications agrees: “In 2015 Toll Fraud applications will quickly become an essential for every system install. Particularly in the UK, being the third most targeted country in the world.”

Andrew Cooper continues: “From a reseller perspective it also provides a strong story for your prospects. Toll fraud is a potential threat to almost all UK businesses.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine