NEC unveils MyCalls Desktop

NEC has launched MyCalls Desktop, a new addition to the MyCalls family of call management solutions.

NEC say that MyCalls Desktop is a standalone application that offers businesses massive time savings, as well as boosting productivity, through a wide range of telephone functions direct from the desktop. In addition to all the familiar telephone functions such as dialling and call transfer, the application offers more complex features such as call parking, forwarding and do not disturb at the click of a mouse.

“MyCalls Desktop is an excellent addition to the MyCalls range of call management solutions,” comments Andrew Cooper, sales director, NEC. “It provides the caller with instant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information such as screen-pops, and much more. What’s more, the MyCalls range can be easily expanded and upgraded as a business grows.

“NEC’s business partners will find the application an invaluable addition to their product portfolios,” adds Cooper.

MyCalls Desktop offers screen-pops that show who is on the phone before the call is answered, so the user can prepare for the call with an appropriate greeting. What’s more, the screen pop provides a link to the customer’s records in a specific database enabling the call to be handled quickly and efficiently. It even enables the screen pop to be transferred with the call, offering the same functionality to the next handler.

MyCalls Desktop also makes it easy for users to compile their own personal phone books and contact information together with access to a system phone book maintained by the organisation. With dialling simply a matter of clicking on the relevant number it makes customer contact faster and far more convenient.

With less time being spent accessing customer records or even locating and dialling the number, more time can be spent with the customer, or more calls can be handled each day. Just 15 to 20 seconds per call in a busy organisation could amount to more than 40 hours a month.

MyCalls Desktop is designed to run on NEC SV8100 telephone systems. It can be used in conjunction with all versions of MyCalls – Basic; Call Manager & Call Centre. This also means features like real time status views of extension activity give it the potential to operate as a switchboard too, reducing operating costs.

MyCalls Desktop is designed to support a range of popular CRM & accounts databases. These include Outlook, ACT!; Goldmine; Maximizer; Sage Line 50 & Microsoft CRM 4. Custom scripts are also available for organisations that want to access records in bespoke databases. This means everyone in the organisation has access to the latest accurate customer data.

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