NetDev launches beta of web meeting service for small business and enterprises

NetDev has launched the beta of a new real-time, web meeting service called DRUM. The service is a browser based application with integrated audio conferencing, making it easy and effective to collaborate with colleagues and customers.
In addition to audio conferencing, DRUM allows users to present documents, take notes, and assign tasks, before, during and after to support the entire meeting lifecycle. Any meeting attendee can instantly present or add new documents to the meeting with just one click.

The application features a dashboard, which keeps a permanent record of every meeting you attend, with all the shared documents, notes and tasks saved for every meeting. It also allows you to record and replay the audio conference call with a single mouse-click. After each meeting, DRUM sends emails to attendees with a summary of the meeting, including assigned tasks to make the meeting more productive.

DRUM is an HTML5 application meaning that users can attend meetings without having to download applications or plug-ins. And because DRUM is browser based, meetings become more mobile, with users able to access DRUM from any location. The beta trial supports desktops and iPads, with a smartphone version to be launched in the coming months.

DRUM includes an integrated, carrier-grade audio conferencing service with dial in capability from landline and mobile phones. DRUM also supports WebRTC for audio calls, allowing users to dial in via the internet through WebRTC compliant browsers, bypassing the traditional phone network.

“We have focussed on how to enhance the core meeting experience through DRUM, improving the way businesses can communicate, meet, share and collaborate over the web without complicated set-ups,” said John Logsdon CEO and Founder of NetDev. “DRUM allows businesses to collaborate during meetings in a much more natural way, storing tasks, actions and decisions which ultimately make meeting more productive.”

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