NetEvidence upgrades its hosting platform with Claranet

NetEvidence partners with Claranet to provide a fully redundant, high availability managed hosting platform for its SaaS business

With its flagship network monitoring solution, Highlight, relied on by more than 6000 Enterprise networks across 63 countries, NetEvidence requires reliable hosting environments to provide 24/7/365 access for its customers.

NetEvidence’s Highlight solution is a pure SaaS product and has been since its inception ten years ago. In the early days of inception NetEvidence experienced challenges with the incumbent provider in terms of pricing and flexibility. Therefore, NetEvidence took the decision to go to tender to find the right hosting partner who could provide a platform to underpin the expansion of the business using pure cloud-based services.

NetEvidence’s operations director, Andy Scutt said: “Our whole company is based on our hosting environment so when we undertook a review of hosting providers to coincide with our plans for expansion, it was important that we chose a provider who could meet our current requirements as well as support our growth.”

Finding the right managed hosting provider involved an extensive review of the market and providers’ capabilities.

Scutt commented: “Through early conversations with many of the providers out there we were quickly able to discount them as they simply didn’t have the infrastructure required to provide the reliability and availability we needed. We also learned that whilst many of the providers had the right infrastructure, they didn’t possess the internal resources or expertise needed to manage the service 24/7. Management is a really important focus for us as we want the autonomy to concentrate on our core competencies of software development and deployment in a stable, reliable environment. For us, we know what we want and what specifications to ask for, we just need a provider that can deliver.”

After a thorough evaluation of the market, NetEvidence chose Claranet as its hosting provider due to its guarantees around availability, its managed hosting expertise and solution flexibility. As part of the hosting solution, Claranet worked with NetEvidence to migrate the existing infrastructure to Claranet’s environment before testing and the go-live. To ensure resilience, Claranet also provided the hosting platform across two data centres to guarantee business continuity and availability of the service.

Since outsourcing the service to Claranet, NetEvidence has been able to improve operational efficiency, simplify management and realise significant cost savings.

Scutt commented: “With the right hosting platform now in place we’ve been able to realise a cost saving of approximately 60 percent on recurring charges alone as well as improve our agility and reactivity. We’re much more adaptive now, which means we can launch new services quickly and easily knowing we have the platform in place to do so, backed up by Claranet’s management expertise.”

With its hosting and management in safe hands, NetEvidence has also benefitted from the ability to refocus its internal team on development and moving the business forward. “We don’t want to be doing IT management and prefer to have our team focused on our core business and developing new and existing services,” said Scutt.

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