Netmania IT Webinar Set to Provide EssentialTR- 069 Tips and Training

Netmania Academy, the training arm of Netmania IT Ltd., will be holding its next online event entitled ‘TR-069 Tips & Tricks #3 – Firmware Upgrades’

On 28 September 2010 at 6pm (BST) internet service providers (ISPs) around the world look set to benefit as Netmania IT – a Staffordshire-based company which manages one of the largest estates of TR-069 devices in the world – hosts its third webinar in the ‘TR-069 Tips & Tricks’ series on the topic ‘Firmware Upgrades’.

TR-069 is a standard set by The Broadband World Forum for communications between CPEs (such as routers, VoIP phones and IPTV boxes) and a remote ACS (Auto Configuration Server). It allows users to log in to a web interface and remotely change settings, fix problems and update software on the devices in their estate with minimal disruption to the customers service.

Industry professionals are being urged to register to attend (the link for this red text is: the 30 minute webinar in order to learn key tips and tricks to enable them to leverage the power of TR-069.

Three top speakers from the company will be presenting the free online event: Sales and Marketing Director, Anthony Brown; Device Management Consultant, Greg Aston; and Netmania IT CEO, Nick Wilcox.

Nick Wilcox is one of the most experienced device management consultants in the world and will be leading the training session using the company’s highly acclaimed ACSLite product to demonstrate how ISPs can carry out TR-069 firmware upgrades with ease.

This latest webinar follows the overwhelming success of the company’s first two online events entitled ‘Monitoring Service Quality Using TR-069’ and ‘Zero Touch Configuration of Services’ respectively – both of which are available to download/request at

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the online TR0-69 training sessions we’ve held over the summer; the webinars have been designed so as to be as accessible and informative as possible which has proven to be a winning formula with attendees,” explains Netmania IT CEO, Nick Wilcox.

“All of the tips and tricks given in our training videos can be applied to the workplace which is great news for ISPs looking for practical guidance and advice to get the most out of TR-069 with ACSLite.

“ACSLite is the ideal product platform to use for our TR-069 training sessions because it’s so user-friendly as anyone watching the next webinar will soon see. Of course the beauty of the Netmania IT webinars is that they break TR-069 down into digestible chunks, making the information accessible to novices and experienced professionals alike.”

Over the past year, Netmania IT has seen increasing demand for the company’s ACSLite product as more and more internet service providers recognise the value of the company’s ACS platform.

“ACSLite is the ideal solution for ISPs requiring a competitively priced entry-level auto configuration server which provides the most commonly used TR-069 functionalities for managing CPE estates,” explains Sales and Marketing Director, Anthony Brown.

“The product provides a remarkably cost-effective solution for service providers looking to leverage the power of TR-069 in order to manage their device estates remotely, with minimal hardware required.

“One of the major advantages of ACSLite is that it can grow with any business. This means that as the number of devices being managed increases, so they can scale up their ACS platform with Netmania IT accordingly.”

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