Netop Releases Updates to Remote Control App for Mobile Support Personnel

Netop today announced an update to its Remote Control application, Netop Remote Control Mobile for iOS, which improves usability and security for mobile support personnel. The application, available for download from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad devices, provides support teams with real-time screen transfer and control over the keyboard and mouse of any machine running a compatible version of the Netop Remote Control host on Windows desktop and server operating systems. The updates optimise the app for use on the recently released iOS 6 and compatible devices, including the iPhone 5 and the new iPad.

Keeping up with the latest iterations of mobile remote control technology, the update also offers Closed User Group (CUG) licenses, an addition which provides an added layer of security. With it, IT support personnel can use a special license key within their Netop Remote Control applications to connect to target devices, also configured with CUG licenses. This adds to the multiple levels of security and verification already inherent to Netop Remote Control Mobile. The update increases the already robust safety and security of interactions between mobile devices and remote controlled systems.

“We recognise that for support personnel to effectively monitor, control and troubleshoot guest machines, they require apps that are specifically designed for use on popular mobile devices, while also giving enterprises the security they require to achieve and remain compliant,” said Kurt Bager, CEO, Netop. “The updates we’ve released for Netop Remote Control Mobile improve the experience for the dedicated IT people who support a global and mobile workforce.”

A recent survey of Netop customers who use Netop Remote Control Mobile for iOS found that two-thirds of customers choose the app for its functionality in accessing Windows-based target machines, and more than 91 percent of respondents need to provide remote support to users over the Internet. The upgrades to Netop Remote Control Mobile improve the support experience by giving teams the quick access and control they need while taking advantage of the latest enhancements to Apple devices.

“We monitor our wastewater systems constantly throughout the day and the Netop Remote Control Mobile app provides an ideal combination of mobility and security,” said Chandler Johnson, CTO, World Water Works. “Even when not near a computer, we can quickly login to a remote system via an iPad and obtain the information we need. The iOS application enables us to be more flexible in our work environment.”

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