Networking Your Digital Projector

With new products seemingly being launched all the time, Mayflex has released the latest LevelOne catalogue. Tracey Calcutt, Mayflex Marketing Manager commented, “Mayflex will be releasing a quarterly LevelOne catalogue to keep our customers fully informed of the latest products and prices available.”

The latest product to feature is the WPG-1000 Wireless Projector Server. As Terry Watson, Mayflex’s Technical Engineer put it, “In the same way print servers freed printers from the desk making them a truly networked resource, the wireless projector server allows anyone, anywhere to make digital presentations often without the need of a PC.”

While digital projectors have revolutionised the presentation of information they have historically been designed as an alternative output to the PC monitor, rather than been viewed as a shared device. By connecting the projector server via a VGA cable, the projector is network enabled, available to both wired and wireless networks. This allows PC’s to efficiently share the projector without the need to constantly connect/disconnect the VGA cable to each PC.

A powerful feature is the 64Mbyte of onboard memory in the projector server allowing regularly used MS PowerPoint presentations to be uploaded and stored. These can be viewed without the need to use a PC, using a hand held remote control included with the Server.

The final neat trick is that PC’s previously registered to the projector server can be remotely controlled via the Server allowing presenters and trainers to launch applications and open files.

Calcutt says the WPG-1000 has already achieved wide scale adoption in schools and is set to be the latest hot product.

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