New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network Edge Solutions

Alcatel-Lucent says it continues to deliver on its vision of application fluency for enterprise network infrastructures with the introduction of a new line of edge solutions designed to support the advanced devices and applications that are enabling a new generation of enterprise communication and collaboration services.

Application fluency is an approach by Alcatel-Lucent to help customers meet the challenges in delivering high-quality, mission critical, real-time applications across the enterprise. The new breed of devices, such as IP cameras in video surveillance systems, smart IP desktop phones, 802.11n Wireless LAN (WLAN) access points, etc., need more resilient bandwidth with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), enhanced security at the network edge, and the ability to deliver sufficient Power Over Ethernet plus (PoE+) power.

Specifically, through these solutions, enterprises will benefit from an increased ability to deliver a high quality user experience, streamline operations and increase their return on investment. The new OmniSwitch 6850E stackable LAN switch series delivers expanded 10 GigE capabilities for increased bandwidth needs and an easy, cost effective upgrade option for GigE to 10 GigE uplinks. New 30W 802.3at-compliant PoE+ capabilities are available where needed at the network edge. A new software release for the network edge provides increased resiliency, enhanced security and PoE+ power management.

“Alcatel-Lucent’s announcement represents the evolution of its network edge offering and a natural extension to an already capable portfolio of networking solutions. As more IT departments are recognising it’s not just about the plumbing, but the user experience, Alcatel-Lucent’s solutions are ready to support new applications and new devices for employees and customers as a new form of conversation is unfolding in the way we conduct business,” said Mike Spanbauer, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology at Current Analysis. “This new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise AFN Edge offering gives enterprises better value and enables customers to deliver real-time voice, video and collaborative applications with the bandwidth, resiliency, reduced operational complexity and security that these applications require.”

Alcatel-Lucent delivers three new solutions in support of its Application Fluent Network approach, where a dynamically tuned network based on user, application, device and location delivers a better user experience, with streamlined operations for reduced costs.

The new OmniSwitch 6850E stackable wire-rate, layer-3 LAN switch series offers up to 48x 1 GigE and up to 4x 10 GigE ports in a single switch providing a cost effective upgrade from GigE to 10 GigE uplinks. With versions that support up to 30W 802.3at-compliant PoE+ power per 1 GigE port, the OmniSwitch 6850E provides the resilient bandwidth, power, security and flexibility to architect network edge solutions for today’s new applications and devices.

A new 24 port PoE+ module for the OmniSwitch 9000E modular LAN chassis provides up to 30W 802.3at-compliant power per GigE port and enables customers to deploy a modular switch at the network edge for increased reliability and flexibility. High density PoE+ deployments can also be supported, as the OmniSwitch 9000E series modular architecture can support up to 16 of these modules for upwards of 384 PoE/PoE+-capable devices cost-effectively deployed off a single chassis.

A new release of Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) for the network edge delivers increased resiliency and utilisation of network links, along with dynamic power management for optimised power allocation and maximising the green benefits of PoE. It also brings enhanced security with new user authentication and rogue device detection capabilities, as well as simplified operations with a new copper cable troubleshooting tool.

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