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New Analytics Platform From GENBAND

GENBAND has introduced its GENView Analytics platform, which gives service providers the ability to significantly reduce costs, enhance network efficiency and improve the customer experience.

The horizontally scalable platform offers improved network visibility with some of the most advanced real-time monitoring capabilities on the market, allowing service providers to optimize network performance with predictive root cause analysis and network capacity planning. The GENView Analytics platform collects, analyzes and displays all available network element faults, performance metrics, packet and Call Data Records (CDR) information produced by GENBAND network and software elements. The fully virtualized platform also support various GENBAND Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) for different Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployment options.

“We designed GENView Analytics with the network of the future and our customers’ needs in mind – whether monitoring for SLA compliance, troubleshooting in real time to improve network traffic or reducing customer support calls, our platform is designed to help our service provider customers improve their bottom line and enhance the customer experience,” said John McCready, Executive Vice President of Products and Corporate Development at GENBAND. “For years GENBAND has provided sophisticated solutions to manage network elements. With our GENView Analytics software solution, service providers can now increase their network efficiency across GENBAND network elements utilizing a fully virtualized, high performance, and horizontally scalable big data framework.”

McCready added, “Several tier-one service providers have already selected GENView Analytics because of its powerful monitoring, analysis and performance capabilities.”

“With dynamic changes to network traffic service providers are increasingly seeking intelligent analytics solutions that can do more than simply collect data – they want solutions that deliver detailed insights into their communications networks,” said Stéphane Téral, Senior Research Director for Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics Research, IHS Markit Technology. “They are looking for solutions that offer end-to-end analysis and the ability to accurately measure key performance metrics across the network elements, while allowing them to meet SLAs and guarantee quality of service.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine