New BOYD Toolkit Launched

Zenprise, a provider of secure mobile device management, has introduced its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Tool Kit. The Zenprise BYOD Tool Kit provides CIOs and IT administrators with tips and resources that enable them to safeguard the enterprise while allowing employees to use their device of choice.

The proliferation of enterprise smartphones and tablets—both corporate and personally owned—makes secure mobile device management a top priority for IT organizations. In fact, the need for secure MDM is only growing. Recent statistics suggest that more than 79 percent of corporate employees work at least one day per week out of the office; over 60 percent of these employees use three or more devices each day. No longer can IT dictate computing and mobile devices.

“Many companies fear BYOD, but we believe BYOD is a great opportunity for enterprises to mobilize their business,” said Ahmed Datoo, Zenprise CMO. “Our BYOD Tool Kit takes the fear out of BYOD and lets IT say yes to mobile device choice.”

The BYOD Tool Kit from Zenprise includes:

Rogue Device Assessment: The first critical step in protecting the enterprise is identifying potentially non-compliant devices. The Zenprise Rogue Device Assessment will identify all potentially unmanaged BYOD devices on a corporate network. The assessment includes a report that details—by user device types and operating systems—the frequency of device connections to the corporate network. Zenprise has run a number of these audits and found enterprises with as many as 10,000 unknown devices accessing corporate networks. Unmanaged mobile devices often lack the security required to meet corporate compliance requirements.

Enterprise Mobility Executive Checklist: This checklist was designed to provide leaders of organizations with a set of best practices to help them guide their organizations in successfully rolling out a BYOD program. The Zenprise Enterprise Mobility Executive Checklist outlines key management considerations for deploying, securing, and managing the mobile enterprise.

Mobile Security Framework and Whitepaper: Truly protecting mobile enterprises requires an end-to-end mobile security strategy. Device security is no longer enough. Vulnerabilities exist on the device, but they also exist in mobile applications, the network, and within data. The Zenprise Mobile Enterprise Security Framework is an end-to-end security blueprint for organizations seeking enterprise-grade mobile device management and security. The framework provides administrators a structure to assess monitoring, controlling, and protecting mobile devices, applications, networks, and data.

The Zenprise Enterprise Security Framework, discussed in a comprehensive Zenprise Security Whitepaper, includes the industry’s first enterprise-grade mobile data leakage prevention (DLP) solution for managing and securing the growing number of personally owned devices entering the workplace.

Zenprise’s Enterprise Security Framework solution includes Mobile Security Intelligence and the Zenprise Enterprise Mobile DLP solution. Together, Zenprise’s Mobile Security Intelligence and Enterprise Mobile DLP solutions combine visibility with control and protection across the entire data lifecycle.

Mobile Security Intelligence gives IT administrators visibility into mobile network traffic and user behavior by device, user, system or application, and integrates with enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. This can help administrators identify compliance violations such as unauthorized access, insider threats, and leakage of sensitive corporate data, as well as arm them with the information they need to remediate the situation.

Unlike other offerings, the Zenprise Mobile DLP solution works by transparently monitoring and securing content at the data layer rather than by trying to isolate or “containerize” applications, an approach that often hampers the user experience and isn’t always effective. The solution features dynamic context- and content-aware, policy-based mobile DLP capabilities that provide security, data control, audit and compliance, and data expiry for sensitive data across its lifecycle.

In addition, the Zenprise Enterprise Mobile DLP solution integrates natively with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 via an encrypted network connection that enables end-to-end control and synchronization of corporate data. The implementation is a snap-in approach and requires virtually no change to an organization’s existing infrastructure.

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