New BuzzCity SDK to open new revenue channels for BlackBerry app developers

Global mobile media company BuzzCity has launched its software development kit (SDK) for BlackBerry.

The move is set to enhance in-app advertising, an important component of the app-development economy, providing new revenue streams to developers, which in turn results in a wide array of free mobile applications for consumers.

The move means that developers will be able to publish adverts on their BlackBerry applications, enabling them to earn revenue on a ‘per click’ basis by gaining access to BuzzCity’s global mobile advertising network, which currently handles 4.5 billion adverts per month.

In addition, developers working with BuzzCity will be able to make available their applications to a wider audience through BuzzCity’s range of mobile media properties, including mobile games portal, Djuzz, and mobile social network, myGamma. These properties have a combined total audience of five million.

Sacha Meakin, managing consultant at iGaming, said: “We believe in-game advertising can offer great potential for increasing revenue. With defined targeting capabilities such as geographic region, user age range, handset type, time of day, etc. it’s possible to specifically target BlackBerry users. Through utilising further filtering processes you may also stand a better chance of reaching an audience with disposable income levels relevant to your own campaign objectives.”

BuzzCity’s new SDK for BlackBerry contains a function that accurately determines the country and carrier of the BlackBerry user. This overcomes a limitation many publishers face when serving ads to BlackBerry users and leads to improved targeting for brands looking to advertise to these users.

In addition, the SDK also allows developers to insert advertising messages at natural breaks in game play or app usage, ensuring a better user experience.

KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity said: “Developers in key markets such as South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia now have the opportunity to create locally relevant ad-supported applications for BlackBerry. There is a real opportunity here for progressive developers given the increasing global interest that we’re seeing in this type of advertising, particularly in US, UK South Africa, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.”

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