New Call Server from Splicecom Targets SMEs

Splicecom’s success with maximiser in 2006 will see the UK IP PBX manufacturer release a new Small Office Call Server in early 2007. “Over the last year we’ve seen demand for maximiser grow in terms of numbers shipped, average system size and addressable markets,” says Robin Hayman, Splicecom’s Director of Product Management. “Because of maximiser’s modular architecture, as we’ve addressed ever larger customers not only has the system size grown, the number of sites it’s distributed across typically tends to increase as well. This has driven the need for a smaller, cost-effective platform, to sit underneath our Remote Call Server for the smallest offices of large organisations – and indeed small businesses.”

Splicecom’s Small Office Call Server will support up to eight users and provides two BRIs and up to eight IP Trunks – both H.323 and SIP. All other features are identical to the larger maximiser Call Servers. “Businesses are demanding that their telephony facilities and applications are available in a consistent nature to all their employees, irrespective of location. The latest addition to our Call Server family ensures that those working in smaller offices are no longer treated as the ‘disenfranchised’,” concludes Hayman.

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