New Channel Entrant offers VoIP

North London based Clarendon Communications is a newcomer to the VoIP market and has recently installed a Sysmaster Voicemaster soft switch which will enable resellers to have their own partition and become a virtual carrier.

When setting up Clarendon, Managing Director Bryan Franks was aware of the pitfalls that can catch out anyone who has not thoroughly researched the market.
“Quality of hardware including user-friendly partitions, quality of terminating carriers, 24/7 support and, of course, great rates are all non-negotiable pre-requisites.” says Bryan. “Our Reseller Management Console combines easy of operation with a high level of sophistication, together with a CRM module customisable with the resellers logo so that end users can see their calls in real time and download their own cdr’s daily, weekly or at any time to suit them”

The enormous amount of publicity about Skype, Vonage, Google and now Freetalk means that both business and residential clients are aware of the benefits of voip and the Clarendon product gives resellers the ability to tap into this already receptive market giving savings to their clients and generating profitable, on-going business for themselves.

“Our job is to support the reseller” says Bryan. “They are free to sell to any segment of the market but my view is that the growth will come from resellers who target SME’s with between 4 and 8 lines.”

Clarendon has access to the Companies House database where around 30,000 new businesses are registered each month. Once a reseller has been accepted by Clarendon, they will have access to this database covering new companies in their own area. This will be especially useful to system installers and will provide valuable leads just at the time when these prospects are looking for a cost effective system together with cheap call rates.

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