New Channel Incentive from daisy

daisy has launched a new agent channel, which guarantees partners something for the weekend, every weekend.

Following a series of events UK-wide, 70 agents signed up for the calls, lines and broadband offering, for which upfront payments are received the Friday after the line goes live.

Named as ‘pay-day Fridays’, the pull of regular cash in the bank has certainly proved a winning formula for the Lancashire-based telecommunications company.

Chris Burney, head of the business partner and agent channels at daisy, said: “The concept is very simple making it a very appealing offer to both experienced telecoms salespeople and other salespeople alike.

“Since the offer was launched we have enjoyed a regular flow of orders from current business partners who see great value in the deal, and from new agent partners impressed by our commissions package and professional manner.”

The push for new agents will continue into the New Year, which will see further events and new offers from daisy.

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