New Channel Promotions Announced by Daisy

Business partners of Daisy are set to reap financial benefits after the company announced a host of new promotions.

Hot on the heels of its successful Partner Programme, the Lancashire-based communications provider has launched a number of motivating incentives aimed at its partners including 12 new competitive tariffs, commission plans and promotions.

“Flexiplan”, “Cash for Connections” and “Cash for Transfers” are promotions aimed at giving partners the opportunity to secure revenue from a host of generous commission streams.

Daisy’s “Cash for Connections” promotion, launched in 2006, has been re-launched for 2007. Business partners have the chance to earn up to £3,000 in up front commission for giving away free line installs and more than £4,000 if the customer pays for the install.

And similarly the recently launched “Cash for Transfers” promotion allows partners to earn as much as £4,000 in up-front commission for line transfers.

Added to this are Daisy’s new “flexiplan fixed” tariffs, a new competitive offering for business partners to take to the market. Designed to give increased flexibility in both tariffs and line rentals, partners have the ability to structure a deal that suits their customer and have control over their commission on both calls and line rental, allowing them to capitalise on every deal.

In addition to this partners have the opportunity to receive up to 50% of the cost of the new line installations in addition to any residual payment they receive with “flexiplan”.

Director of channel partners Mark Hickey said: “Daisy has always recognised the importance of providing its business partners with a variety of initiatives designed to help them identify new sales opportunities and earn more money.

“The current offering is one of the most competitive and unique available to the channel and is an attractive option for any existing or prospective daisy partners.”

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