New Commercials from Chess Partner Services

Chess Partner Services have announced their new O2 mobile airtime commercials to complement the recent changes announced by O2 in the drive for winning new business, re-signing existing customers and also with a key focus on O2 digital products.

Firstly, partners can receive up to 45% Revenue Share on all their O2 mobile connections, a fee which is instantly payable on a partners’ existing customer base from April 1st. This means partners can benefit from an instant uplift in commissions, regardless of any re-signs, from April 1st onwards.

Chess Partner Services have also introduced a new Connection Bonus with partners receiving up to £230 bonus for all new Voice connections. In addition, Chess Partner Services will continue to pay their partners the full Advance Revenue Share for up to 36 months on all New Connections and Re-signs; maximising value and cash for their partners.

There are greater incentives for re-signing existing customer bases and reducing customer churn as well. Partners can now earn 50% Revenue Share simply by re-signing contracts that have less than 12 months remaining.

Chess Partner Services is also putting an increased focus on O₂ Digital Products with partners able to earn an additional £20 per connection, plus revenue share, upon activation of the Digital Product, regardless of any re-sign taking place.

Finally, rounding off Chess Partner Services’ quintet of commercial changes is the newly announced ‘125 Club’. O2 Approved Partners can enjoy a £5,000 quarterly bonus by achieving 125 new voice connections, 125 customers Re-Signs, 125 Digital connections, and have less than 8% churn on O₂.

John Pett (pictured), Sales Director at Chess Partner Services, said: ‘With our technological expertise and our groundbreaking new O2 commercials, our partners have even more tools to go out and do what they do best, to win and retain business and enjoy fantastic commissions for it. The new O₂ commercials are an opportunity for our partners to reap further rewards for themselves and is in recognition of our partners’ loyalty to Chess Partner Services and to O₂.’

Jason Philips, Head of Partners at O₂, said: ‘Our relationship with Chess Partner Services continues to be strong and we look forward to working even closer with them as we launch our new Direct Partner Programme, supporting our partners and their customers.’

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine