New EDGE/GPRS Router for Easy Remote Access and Backup

OneAccess today announced the launch of ONECell25, an enterprise grade EDGE/GPRS router. ONECell25 offers a secure, high-speed cellular connection for reliable primary network connectivity for remote sites and devices, critical broadband back-up connectivity for any network, as well as cost-effective low speed access applications

EDGE, a fast and cost effective mobile technology, offers an excellent alternative to connectivity through wired links such as analog modem lines or ISDN. The innovative ONECell25 router has an embedded EDGE/GPRS modem with two Ethernet interfaces, and is compatible with all enterprise routers. Furthermore, the router has the advantage of being built around a strong, reliable operating system, which supports a wide range of enterprise services and applications.

Bertrand Meis, CEO of OneAccess, said, “By using EDGE technology we can offer our customers fast cellular data connections – at up to three times the speed of a normal GPRS network. The ONECell25 is a carrier grade enterprise solution, running the same Operating System as all other routers from the OneAccess “ONE” range. The same easy-to-administer management tools can handle both mobile and fixed line routers.”

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