New Ethernet Switches from Avaya

New Ethernet Switches from Avaya Simplify Operations for Small and Midsize Enterprises and Remote Branches.

Avaya ERS 3500 switches deliver enterprise-class features and cost-effective Fast and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for small locations.

Automates set up with Avaya IP Office for seamless deployment of mobile and business collaboration features such as messaging, video conferencing and presence.

Avaya’s resilient stacking technology will enable companies to start small and expand their network as their business grows.

Avaya has introduced the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 3500, a new series of compact Ethernet switches designed exclusively for small and midsize enterprises (SME), remote branches, and open environments such as classrooms and hospitality suites.

The Avaya ERS 3500 provides enterprise-class functionality and features while simplifying network operations for small locations:

True plug and play functionality for IP phones—operational in under a minute when connected to the Avaya ERS 3500

Automated set up with Avaya IP Office—one simple command will automatically provision the switch and enable all IP phones on an Avaya IP Office system

Intuitive tools for managing, troubleshooting and operating devices—including web-based GUI management, comprehensive centralised management, and configuration tools for large branch office deployments

The plug and play and automation capabilities of the ERS 3500 will simplify deployments for Avaya customers and channel partners by reducing the potential for error during set up, delivering consistency across multiple locations and helping ensure that best practices are followed during installation.

The ERS 3500 Series consists of six Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switches available in 10 and 24-port configurations. Customers can choose models with enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE+) to future-proof their networks and power advanced IP phones, wireless access points and video surveillance cameras. Fanless switches are also available for noise sensitive environments, such as classrooms or hospitality suites, where silent operation is required.

Customers can purchase the 24-port models of the Avaya ERS 3500 with an eye to the future, starting small and investing in additional capacity as their business grows. Avaya’s Stackable Chassis Architecture will be enabled on these models in a future software release, offering customers the ability to stack up to eight ERS 3500 units for enhanced network availability, simplified management and up to 80Gbps of virtual backplane capacity. Stackable Chassis will provide functionality equivalent to a modular chassis without the associated costs.

This announcement highlights Avaya’s commitment to bringing The Power of We™ to every Avaya customer to help drive faster collaboration, smarter decisions and better business results.

“There were several considerations that led us to choose the Avaya ERS 3500 for our networking project. First, size is definitely an issue for us. The ERS 3500 is a small-size, big-power solution, and the form factor means that it fits in tight spaces—a major plus for us in our existing wiring closets. Arrive also uses a plethora of unmanaged 6-10 port desktop switches to extend the wiring closet, which can be problematic, but the ERS 3500 solves that issue neatly for us. With more than 500 switches around our business, many of which are in need of upgrade, we’ll be working with Avaya to add capabilities throughout our network using the ERS 3500 within the next five years. For us, it’s desirable to keep our networking with the same vendor—it ensures unified system management, and increases reliability across the system. We’re very pleased with our choice of Avaya!”
—Øyvind Nikolaisen, senior network engineer, Arrive (Norway)

“Small and midsize enterprises are increasingly interested in technology that supports external communications and enhances internal collaboration. Given that many of these firms lack the IT expertise, budget, and personnel to efficiently deploy and maintain advanced solutions, ease of use remains paramount. Plug and play solutions that feature hardware and software expressly designed to work together, like Avaya IP Office and the ERS 3500, will be particularly attractive to these customers.”
—Justin Jaffe, research manager, SMB and Home Office Markets, IDC

“The Avaya ERS 3500 series is the perfect family of switches for small locations—it provides the features and capabilities that enterprises expect at a price suited for the small and midsize market. We’ve designed the ERS 3500 to work seamlessly with Avaya IP Office, simplifying deployment with our flagship collaboration solution for SMEs so that businesses can be more productive, faster.”
—Marc Randall, senior vice president and general manager, Avaya Networking

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