New faces join Swains

ISP Swains plc has just welcomed six new members of staff to their Norfolk-based team.

Paul Norman and Trevor Wootton, Business Development Managers, have joined the team to meet resellers and customers throughout the region (and beyond). Holly Bennett will be streamlining publications and promotions as Marketing Coordinator while further developing the brand, and Kimberley Flint, Data and VoIP Specialist, has been taken on in response to the demand for this growing area of communications. Jenni Leys joins the team as Network Specialist, and Kelly Carter joins as Channel Partner Coordinator. This means an increase in staff of 25% over the summer at their Hunstanton office.

This expansion responds to everyone’s needs to cut their call and line rental costs by switching providers, but also prepares the company for the demand for more cutting-edge solutions, too – IP services and hosted solutions (calls made over the internet rather than via your phone line) are increasingly popular as a cost-efficient and flexible way of running a business.

Barry Ward, Business Development Manager at Swains Plc said: “This is an exciting time for everyone at Swains and we’re delighted that we’re now fully equipped to offer customers and channel partners the support and expertise they need.”

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