New HD Opportunity For Systems Integrators

Touchline Video, the specialist distributor of video conferencing solutions, has announced that integrators can take advantage of the opportunities available through the use of a new telepresence system, LifeSize Conference, from high definition video communications company, LifeSize Communications.

Telepresence has been a hot topic in the press, but the big price tag and the demands for space and bandwidth have pushed it out of reach for all except the very top end companies. Now, Touchline Video has identified a new niche in the market for systems integrators to bring telepresence out of the boardroom through LifeSize’s new telepresence kit, LifeSize Conference. Barry Cross, Managing Director for Touchline Video, explains:

“Telepresence systems today are being built around standards based high end videoconferencing codecs. Therefore telepresence systems can be seen simply as an extension to traditional video systems, the difference being they are installed in an environment which is intended to create an ‘immersive’ feel for the user. While room design can contribute to the experience, some vendors control the environment in every way possible, from the room layout and furniture, the lighting and décor, to the display technology and the audio systems. This can result in expensive, inflexible solutions that are too costly to deploy throughout an organisation.

Companies not only have to pay out for the system (which can be in excess of £200,000 per system), but they, generally, have to provide a room for it to be fitted into. How many organisations can afford to dedicate a whole room solely for this type of equipment? And, don’t forget, they have to buy another system in order to make full use of the features.”

Barry continues: “For us, the Lifesize ‘Integrator Kit’ approach is ideal. Other manufacturers high end telepresence systems require even higher than normal levels of Certification or, have already established a strictly limited sales channel to market. We know that a large number of our resellers are highly credible, technically skilled integrators and installers (with strong customer relationships) who, strangely, are generally excluded from applying their core competences and added value to customers who may benefit from telepresence solutions. We believe that these resellers will respond positively to the Lifesize/Touchline message.

The end user also benefits, as LifeSize Conference can be fitted into any environment and provides all the quality expected from a telepresence solution. The flexibility of the product opens doors for systems integrators looking to create a telepresence system that fits into a company, rather than expecting the organisation to mould itself around the solution. This means integrators can offer their customers a much lower price with greater control over their environment, while also benefitting from bigger margins – so everyone’s a winner!”

Telepresence creates an in-person, face-to-face meeting experience that is authentic and natural. People appear as life-size images on large, high definition screens. Clarity of gestures, facial expressions, body language, sound and the ability to achieve natural eye contact all contribute to the overwhelming sensation of being present.

LifeSize Conference delivers stunning high definition video with 30 frames per second and 1280×720 screen resolution, wide band, natural audio, built-in data sharing, high definition video codecs, multiple cameras and wide band audio, integrated ‘Room Control’ system plus a custom design and configuration guide to insure optimal installation and use. Multiple display telepresence integrator kits are available from £21,000.

Ray Kenny, Country Manager UK & Ireland for LifeSize, comments: “LifeSize Conference is the first telepresence suite that can be tailored to any environment, meaning telepresence is now accessible beyond the Boardroom, allowing more users in more locations to realise the benefits of a superior communications platform. This is a particularly attractive opportunity for systems integrators because as we provide all the technical kit, which integrators can take and then create the telepresence environment. This allows customers to choose the ideal configuration that fits their style, communication needs and budget, without having to compromise on quality.”

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