New Highlight tool delivers visibility into VoIP performance

NetEvidence has enhanced its Highlight network and application monitoring solution to give organisations an easy to use tool to measure the quality of voice calls over the internet. Through Highlight’s cloud-based services, a Service Provider can prove voice quality and their customers have full visibility into the performance of voice calls for themselves through Highlight’s easy-to-use graphical interface.

The company says VoIP is gaining in importance as organisations look to exploit the flexibility and simplicity of converged networks by moving their telephony networks onto IP networks. With Highlight, it takes only seconds to pull off the VoIP quality report whether that is for one organisation’s network or a Service Provider’s entire VoIP base.

Richard Thomas, Managing Director of NetEvidence says, “Comprehensive monitoring and easy visibility of voice quality, and the underlying network, is critical if organisations are to have the confidence to invest in VoIP. Unfortunately, existing data networks were not designed for voice traffic. The resulting voice quality issues, or the potential for them, make many organisations nervous of making the transition to IP. This is a frustrating situation for both the end-user and service provider. Now Highlight delivers the visibility and knowledge to build that much needed confidence.”

The new Highlight MOS Support (Mean Opinion Score) uses the ITU’s recommended standard test to measure the quality of a voice call. Highlight reports the MOS data graphically and in text-based reports for quick and easy analysis. Any problems can be spotted quickly, often before the user has been impacted.

Highlight’s graphic display shows a clear marker for the desired MOS target levels, and the colours change if results move below the defined target giving instantly visible data. The user can click to view any day, week or month over the last twelve months with no loss of granularity and Highlight reports the percentage of tests over the selected period that met or exceeded target, while failed calls are shown below.

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