New Low Cost Telephone Call Recorder

In the past telephone call recording has mainly been required by larger companies and organisations, but with ever more compliance rules effecting whole industry sectors like insurance and financial services, call recording is also increasingly becoming essential for smaller companies. In addition the litigious nature of today’s business environment means that many smaller organisations or departments also require call recording for dispute resolution and staff training.

To meet this requirement Storacall has now launched the new INTRO VS call recording systems developed specifically for the smaller business offering all the benefits of Storacall VS technology at a fraction of the cost. INTRO is a fully fledged stand alone recorder featuring a true web-based interface for easy access to call recording playback, huge storage capacity, automatic DVD archiving and tamperproof recordings supplied in a PC Tower Server or 19” 4U high Rack Mount Chassis.

INTRO is one of the most cost effective versatile call recorders currently available. Supporting trunk-side, IP and extension-side recording in virtually any communications environment, the browser based GUI allows total control anywhere on your network. Search for calls can be made by date, time, duration, dialled digits, CLI, extension/agent and even manual notes. All the calls are encrypted but at the click of a mouse it is easy to produce a copy of a stored call to send to a client or use as a training aid for agents.

“We wanted to offer our Resellers a high level of functionality but at a fraction of the cost” said Graham Leighton – MD of Storacall Voice Systems, “Our INTRO solution will open up a whole new market to this type of technology creating a viable alternative for entry level customers – INTRO offers a low cost yet professional approach to call recording requirements”.

INTRO is ideal for example for Insurance brokers, Finance companies, Travel agencies and telesales departments. It is also very affordable with retail prices starting at around £1,300.00

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