New Low Density Telephone Call Recorder

The litigious nature of today’s business environment means that many smaller organisations or departments require call recording for dispute resolution and staff training. To meet this requirement Storacall has introduced their new Intro call recording systems aimed directly at the 4 to 8 channel low-density call recording market.

The company says the Intro range offers all the benefits of Storacall VS technology at a fraction of the cost. Featuring a true web-based interface for easy access to call recording playback, huge storage capacity and support for digital handset recording, Intro is one of the most cost effective call recorders currently available.

The recorders support trunk-side and extension-side recording and integrate with a wide range of PBXs and because the recorders have open architecture and capitalise on existing familiar IT infrastructure, they are, according to Storacall, easy to set up and maintain. They are designed to be fully network compatible so users can control and retrieve calls at will from the desktop and the low-bandwidth audio streaming technology means that recordings can be retrieved and played with impressive simplicity and speed. A located call can be saved simply for e-mailing.

Retail prices starting at less than £2,000

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