New Market Direction say Swyx

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine, Andy Bills, Senior Vice President of Sales at Swyx, believes a key trend that is driving the future choices that will shape users’ requirements for new integrated applications is the interest that is developing in SaaS (Software as a Service).

“This model has been very successful in the software world with online applications such as CRM, and contact management. Driven in part by companies such as Microsoft who are offering the ability to pay for services on a per user, per month basis, the model is now gaining more and more credence in the communications domain. Other factors, such as the high take-up of broadband services by SMEs are also stimulating this demand as businesses both large and small start to question whether they need CPE hardware located at their offices”.

“Swyx believe, however that both ‘on-premise’ and ‘on-demand’ services will sit side-by-side in the market providing resellers with an exciting new opportunity to increase their margins, and build market share through value-added services by offering both delivery methods to their customers. ‘Pure’ IP telephony offerings has a major part to play in this process as its license based charging model and its location independent architecture enables resellers to embrace both possibilities delivering more choice and more opportunities to open new markets.”

“Stay tuned, in the coming months Swyx will be making a number of major announcements that will support its channel in taking advantage of these new developments”.

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