New Messaging Device from NEC

NECi say that with the introduction of their M155 Messenger messaging device they have set new standards in mobile communications and once again demonstrated the company is at the forefront of innovations.

The M155 Messenger is a wireless messaging device NEC says is ideal for use in professional healthcare and hospitality environments. The small watch-like device is easy to wear and provides the mobile user the optimum in handsfree mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort. Besides a messaging device, the M155 also offers the mobile user speakerphone communication and acts as a personal alarm device.

The M155 Messenger brings mobile messaging and speakerphone communications for DECT users to the highest level of comfort. The device has a three-line display and is easy to wear on the wrist or as necklace. The M155 gives users full control over their accessibility and provides various call control options and integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s PBX and (messaging) applications.

NEC conclude by adding that the M155 Messenger provides an excellent communications device for organisations that rely on messaging or alarm information sent to employees. Integrated with applications common in healthcare and hospitality, the M155 Messenger meets the needs of message communications in environments where conveying messages to the mobile user is of utmost importance.

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