New Motoring Laws Will Drive Headset Sales Forward, Say Nimans

Planned changes in motoring laws offer dealers increased opportunities to drive sales of Bluetooth headsets into top gear.

That’s the view of telecoms distributor Nimans who are advising dealers about proposed forthcoming changes to the Road Safety Bill involving the use of mobiles when behind the wheel.

Drivers are facing a £60 fine and three points on their licence instead of the current £30 fixed penalty ticket, if they are caught driving with a hand-held mobile.

This toughening up of the law is expected to significantly increase demand for Bluetooth headsets and phone cradles, according to James Burns, a headset specialist at the Manchester-based company.

He confirmed: “We expect the new legislation will be officially approved early in the New Year and will significantly clamp down on the use of mobile phones without a headset and cradle.

James said the best way for motorists to stay on the right side of the law will be to invest in a Bluetooth compatible headset and phone with separate cradle.

One dealer is already considering getting involved in a high profile local campaign to raise awareness of the new laws. Lister Communications has already worked with Gloucestershire Police and the County Council, when the original legislation came into force in December 2003.

Managing Director Rob Lister confirmed: “We originally got involved in a three way marketing campaign and branded 3,000 posters that were put on roundabouts throughout the county to inform drivers of the dangers of using mobiles behind the wheel. We repeated the exercise on the anniversary of the new laws and will consider a similar initiative to highlight the proposed changes this time around.”

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