New Multifunction Elmeg T240 PBX Aimed At Sohos

Funkwerk’s new low cost compact elmeg T240 PBX system has been designed to address the needs of private users and SoHos. It provides four internal extensions for analogue terminal equipment and expansion to support an analogue trunk line or two additional analogue extension ports, in addition to the included ISDN2e line port. Costing just £155 (RRP), the T240 PBX is extremely feature rich.
The elmeg T240 includes extensive user software and web-based Least-Cost Routing (LCR) to provide a powerful and versatile communications solution.

The LCR function can automatically dial the lowest priced connection for each call from a list of pre-programmed carriers. There is storage capacity for 500 charge data records, which can be specifically assigned using project numbers.
The system is able to manage individual and group functions as well as supporting team calls via one number, incoming call deflection, Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) on all analogue ports, call diversion and a remotely controlled follow me function. The day-night switch can also be configured centrally by date and time.

The elmeg T240 is available in the UK through distributor nXgear and approved resellers.

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