New Opportunity for Resellers in UPS Market

Zigor is launching the Rhin Plus uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system which enables organisations with critical power requirements to monitor and regulate their power supply at a lower cost, removing distortions to provide clean, safe and more efficient energy.

The Rhin Plus comes with a two year warranty as standard (including batteries) and is competitively priced – with protected margins for resellers. Its monitoring software is easy to install and straight-forward to use, clearly indicating input/output voltage, battery load capacity and the current load supported in real time. It also enables remote control monitoring via a network connection and offers seven different alarms for added security.

The Rhin Plus is a high frequency online double conversion system which continuously monitors the power supply. Its compact modular design allows users to upgrade to 10kVA capacity quickly and easily without the need to reconfigure the system, so significantly reducing downtime and the associated costs.

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