New Predatar Index reveals key factors driving successful backup

A new index released has highlighted dramatic differences between the best and worst-performing companies when it comes to data backup.

Predatar’s intelligent Backup Index provides valuable insights into the key factors driving high backup success rates (BSR). These include effective automated backup processes, regular reporting and clearly-defined accountability as part of a process of continual improvement.

The index, which collects and presents data in an easy-to-use format, allows companies to regularly measure the effectiveness of their backup and benchmark against previous performance. It includes data on Predatar customers and other businesses and takes into account the size and complexity of the environment as well as the level of backup success.

“Other metrics which just show BSR percentages are not enough,” says Predatar CEO Alistair Mackenzie. “They are often too simplistic and only provide isolated snapshots of performance.

“The Predatar Backup Index provides a much better way of measuring the effectiveness of an individual company’s backup. It gives a more accurate and comprehensive picture, as its benchmarking analysis is based on real data from real companies which is regularly updated. The new Index also takes account of the size of the backup environment, measuring productivity as well as success rates.”

Continuous improvement

Data is easy to collect and rapidly transformed into a format which enables the business to assess performance against peer organisations – without the need for costly analysis and auditing processes. As a result, management can engage more closely with the backup team to drive performance improvement, before assessing their results and exposure at the next iteration of the benchmark report.

In revealing the differences in company performance, the index shows that any gap can be bridged by increased process automation and better reporting – without breaking the bank. “It’s no coincidence that all those who have been using Predatar optimisation tools on a daily basis for more than six months have seen a significant improvement in BSR and also score well on the efficiency index,” adds Mackenzie.

Setting arbitrary targets for data recovery such as a 90% success rate can be dangerous, as they do not take account of the importance of individual servers at risk. “Wherever the business sits on the Predatar Backup Index, it cannot relax but should continue to push for improvement,” he says.

“With backup, you can’t manage what you can’t see. By automating an organisation’s monitoring, alerting and incident management processes, Predatar increases visibility of the storage environment in order to improve control and backup performance.”

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