New Services from Channel Telecom

Communications provider Channel Telecom has launched two key new features to its partners: Raw Call Data (RCD) reporting, and a six hour guaranteed fix service option on analogue and ISDN lines.

Raw Call Data (RCD) is taken from BT local exchanges and contains key information on Incoming Traffic that can be used by resellers to identify sales opportunities, and to give more insight to customers in managing their line capacity. RCD provides performance information about incoming calls, including: Calls not answered; Call engaged; Calls diverted; Calls offered; and Network failures. Channel Telecom’s billing platform is now able to process this raw data and present it in a friendly format for customers alongside the usual outgoing call reports.

Channel Telecom says, “With the new guaranteed super-fast fix service, if an engineer doesn’t attend site within the six hour period a penalty payment is triggered, potentially followed by additional payments if further deadlines expire. This enhanced service is available as a rental option, or can be delivered on-demand for a one-off fee.”

MD Clifford Norton commented, ”We are delighted to lead the way in introducing these features to our partners. Both have been easy and very quick to launch owing to our Union Street billing platform’s impressive integration with WLR3. I’m sure that the RCD feature will prove to be a valuable tool which helps our partners provide an even better service to their customers. And as for the 6 hour fix, this sort of service option has been asked for time and time again, and now we’re able to deliver it as a standard option on Channel Telecom lines.”

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