New Thinking from CommSoft

CommSoft recently launched their CommsOffice solution into the call management arena which, according to them, has seen no real innovations for several years.

The company says CommsOffice takes things a stage further than the pure call management offered by others, which mainly report statistics on ‘completed calls’. CommsOffice is a comprehensive telephony management and reporting solution that gives companies of any size the ability to track and control telephone usage throughout their organisation. Single user, group or contact centre agent activities can be measured with live ACD call statistics, helping managers to make accurate decisions about requirements for their business.

If customers want to track sales teams, monitor performance of support environments, contact centre agents or track employee’s telephony use, control costs or predict peak business times CommsOffice does all of these things and more.

CommsOffice is ideal for contact centres but any type of business can use this product, if they have a telephone system in the building, then they should be monitoring usage. One of the key features for contact centres is the scrolling desktop ticker tape ‘wallboard’ that runs across the user’s screen no matter what application they are in, which means that customers do not have to buy costly (and sometimes controversial) wallboards. This wallboard feature can appear in ‘tile view’ or in conjunction with the ‘scrolling view’ which all adds to the flexibility of the product. Senior managers can monitor staff performance from their desktop or plasmas screens, whilst departments can also see their own statistics with varying levels of user permission, if required.

‘This kind of technology has always been prohibitively expensive for SMEs,’ says Bonnie Church, Marketing Director, ‘But now any company can see live call statistics and have a wallboard or scrolling ‘ticker-tape’ view of what their agents are doing on any desk in the building potentially – and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional call centre packages. Most of the clients out there want a snapshot view of what is going on in their organisation, which they get via the comprehensive CommsOffice ‘Today screen’ but they also require in-depth and wide ranging reports for various reasons, including staffing levels and agent performance and we deliver exactly what they want – at a price that will not raise eyebrows!’ she adds.

CommsOffice has a familiar MS Outlook feel and all who see it comment upon the ease of use and intuitive user interface. There is a vast range of standard and easily customisable features and reports available, with ‘drag and drop’ options throughout to maximise user friendliness. Unique features including ‘Folder View’ and ‘Presentation’ modes allowing menus and ‘trees’ to be turned off, so that multiple ‘seamless’ custom views of real-time graphs, wallboards and statistics can be displayed on; plasma, PC projector or any networked PC monitors, ‘which for many businesses has not been an option until now’ says Jeremy Whilde, Technical Director.

‘Whilst other manufacturers claim to provide live statistics, when you read the small print, you see that they are not providing ‘true’ live stats or maybe they only work with one obscure switch: we have drivers and integration with all of the major switches sold in the UK and if the switch provides the output, we can report on it’, says Anthony Church, MD of CommSoft.

CommsOffice is also easy to install and maintain and whilst CommSoft are happy to carry out installation for dealers and support their customers (giving the dealers commission on support orders), resellers have the option of accreditation and then they can keep all of this revenue ‘in-house’. All in all, CommsOffice looks set to be a runaway success and its ‘big sister’ CommsOffice Pro which allows users to monitor internet, e-mail and data traffic, as well as telephony, takes communications management to a new level. With an on-going development programme for the product plus leading manufacturers planning to re-brand these products, CommSoft feel that they are addressing dealer and customer requirements head on and raising the bar in traditional call management.

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