New Txtel Service Spells the End of the Line for Frustrated Customers

A new telephone service, designed to eliminate the need to keep customers waiting on hold, is being launched by communications company Wavelink.

Wavelink say their Txtel is the ‘most advanced queue eliminating service available. Its unique, patented call-back system aims to transform businesses‘ ability to respond quickly to customer calls, ensuring they secure vital business leads and address enquiries promptly.’

The new tool has been developed to serve both major call centres and small businesses, in fact everyone for whom excellent customer service is critical. ‘Not only will it enable call centres to manage and respond to calls more efficiently, it will ensure that smaller businesses such as restaurants, florists or builders don’t miss important new business opportunities.’

‘The service adds value to both businesses and their customers by eradicating the need for callers to hold, ensuring customer call-back in less than six minutes.’

David Brown, managing director of Wavelink explains: “Only Txtel enables the customer to contact all companies via a universal text number and then gives them a maximum call back time in this way. It will make a huge difference to the way companies operate in the future by delivering benefits to both businesses and their customers.

“Call centres and customer service have both received some flak over recent years. Customer expectations are high and this service is designed to deliver exactly what they want. Any business that uses it is expected to reap huge rewards in terms of customers won and retained.”

According to Wavelink Txtel is particularly suited to call centres and works by allowing customers to contact any Txtel subscriber by texting the company name or keyword to a single, universal SMS short code. The company is then directly connected to the customer within six minutes, avoiding the need for them to wait on hold until a call centre agent becomes free. This gives agents more time to answer calls and call centre managers the opportunity to improve call load management.

Customers that use Txtel will automatically receive notification that their SMS has been received, along with a message confirming that the relevant company will contact them within six minutes. The service costs the customer only the cost of a standard text message while enabling them to continue with their daily lives, rather than holding on the other end of the line, listening to music and apology messages.

It also eliminates the need for callers to use expensive directory enquiry services and reduces the potential for lost business for call centres. Txtel can be used by call centres of any size, from those with over 500 seats to more informal centres with as few as five.

A Small Business Box version of the technology is also available for SMEs to help them respond quickly to enquiries and help build the strong customer relationships that will help them grow.

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