New version of LogMeIn Rescue adds iPhone, iPad and Android device configuration capabilities

A new version of LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn’s (NASDAQ:LOGM) flagship remote support offering, introduces mobile device configuration capabilities to quickly troubleshoot and secure smart devices in the field.

Designed for mobile operators, customer care organisations and IT helpdesks, Rescue provides a single, web-based tool for remotely supporting tablets, smartphones, and computers running iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows, Windows Mobile, and Mac OSX.

As a result, helpdesk and customer service staff can simplify support of customers’ and employees’ increasingly sophisticated smart devices – connect to them, solve problems, push configuration settings, and secure remote devices anywhere with an Internet connection.

The new release builds on Rescue’s mobile services by introducing the ability to: Remotely configure iOS and Android connectivity settings, including Wi-Fi network setup and Access Point Name (APN) settings; Remotely configure device permissions and push device pass code settings for iPhones and iPads; Create customised iOS helpdesk or self-help shortcut app icons – giving iPad and iPhone users the ability to directly connect to quick help guides or even web chat through a single touch; Initiate mobile and computer support sessions in a single click through the introduction of a new, full featured desktop app version of the LogMeIn Rescue Tech Console – a browser-less means of using all of Rescue’s web-based capabilities

“The new Rescue release was designed with direct input from some of the world’s largest operators and mobile device OEMs and has been successfully tested by thousands of customer care organisations and IT helpdesks,” said Lee Weiner, LogMeIn’s VP of Support Products. “While specific conditions vary across these audiences, all of them are looking to empower their teams to quickly support a growing number of people carrying increasingly sophisticated devices. The result is a release that simplifies support for iOS and Android devices, and makes it easier for helpdesk staff to better serve increasingly empowered customers and employees.”

Rescue is used by tens of thousands of organisations to support employee and customer devices, including 50 of the world’s telecom operators and four of the five top US mobile carriers. In early 2011, LogMeIn announced a strategic initiative to pre-deploy LogMeIn Rescue on new Android devices, expanding its remote support capabilities for mobile operators and OEMs. This pre-deployed version of Rescue is now shipping on more than 20 top-selling Android models from OEMs like Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola.

“According to recent research, nearly 1 billion smartphones are expected to ship globally by 2015. As smartphone devices proliferate the enterprise, by either corporate- or employee-liable purchase, companies want to take advantage of the fact that employees can be productive from anywhere,” says Stacy Crook, senior analyst, Mobile Enterprise research at IDC. “Support tools that address these new mobile challenges and opportunities in the helpdesk will have a direct impact on customer care as they enhance productivity, satisfy new employee demands, and provide a seamless mobility experience.”

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