New VoIP Quality Monitoring Diagnostic Platform

VocaLite, the new diagnostic platform from Epitiro, the Internet performance experts, enables Internet telephony users to diagnose problems with their VoIP service even before contacting their provider. The results of the diagnostic test are automatically forwarded to the service provider which can begin to resolve any problems.

Vocalite is initiated via a web browser on either instruction from a service provider’s contact centre or by the end-user. A thorough analysis of the connection is completed and the summary of the test is displayed for the user. The test results are automatically sent through to the Internet provider.

Vocalite gives Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) at the ISP’s contact centre access to an extensive list of test results including Call Setup time, Dial Tone Delay and importantly Voice Quality. Visual pass and fail indicators allow non-technical CSRs to either assure the customer of adequate service quality or acknowledge the presence of a fault. This reduces the need for expensive second line support staff.

“Long contact center queues frustrate customers and increase the likelihood of them looking for an alternative ISP. Vocalite gives the service provider a head start in fixing the fault and empowers their customers to diagnose the problem for themselves,” said Gavin Johns, Managing Director of Epitiro.

“Our products offer service providers the intelligence they need to gain and retain customers by monitoring and benchmarking their network performance. VocaLite measures the call quality across a provider’s network from an end-user’s perspective. This enables providers to keep a close eye on their networks and fix any potential service affecting problems before they reach the end-user.”

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