New Wi-Fi challenger

Nordic Wi-Fi router manufacturer Icotera is entering the UK market with a mission to support network operators and internet service providers (ISPs).

The company has appointed Mike McDaid as sales director and Bill Melotti as technical program manager for the UK. The two are already active in onboarding operators and ISPs to the Icotera FTTH solutions.

The company is advocating for the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 due to the standard’s superior speed, range, and stability. Icotera offers a range of Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices, including a router with 8×8 5GHz antennas, delivering speeds that are up to ten times faster than a typical Wi-Fi 5 router.

Erik Søe-Pedersen, chief commercial officer at Icotera (pictured), explained, “The technology for fast and stable Wi-Fi performance is already there with Wi-Fi 6 being able to run almost as fast as cabled network connections. Unfortunately, some internet service providers deliver high speed connections to the home but take a shortcut and offer low-performing customer premise equipment for in-home use.

“This results in poor connections and ongoing frustration. So, to put it short, our mission is to help internet providers give customers better internet experiences through a high-performing router while also empowering end-users to manage their Wi-Fi set-up in a real-time environment.”

Icotera is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has supported major ISPs across the Nordics. The company said its goal now is to expand its products and services to the UK market.

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