Newham Selects TotalMobile

The London Borough of Newham, formed from Essex county boroughs of West Ham and East Ham within East London, has chosen TotalMobile to streamline its property maintenance and management, whilst improving efficiency.

Newham, like other local authorities, has been under extreme pressure to make its organisation leaner, whilst providing value for money for the community it serves. Newham has 16,000 properties under its management, this includes public buildings such as schools and libraries.

Newham first explored the concept of mobile working back in 2007. But it needed to find a solution that would provide off-line capability. It now has 170 on-ground and 30 plus back office staff in Housing Repairs and Maintenance, Gas Servicing and Public Building Maintenance using TotalMobile’s solution on Android devices.

The back office integrates with the TotalMobile solution designed to ensure efficient administration of day-to-day response, planned inspection and service based operations, managing the lifecycle of every job from creation to completion. This includes all financial and operational management implications. This system is linked to Northgate Housing, Mayrise, Civica Keystone and Travis Perkins. Newham can now monitor performance against set indicators on an individual basis against all KPIs (key performance indicators), especially customer satisfaction, so it can continually view its achievement ranking.

“There has been a 25% reduction in operational staff costs on top of the non-tangible benefits,” explained Tony Abbs, Operations Director RMS, Community and Environment, The London Borough of Newham. “In a service that handles vast numbers of small jobs combined with large numbers of operatives we needed a system that could cope and adapt to the ever changing demands. Not an easy task, but TotalMobile has achieved this”.

“TotalMobile has been very supportive and reactive to all Newham’s requirements. Key being adaptability and flexibility and that their people have understood every step of the way what we are trying to achieve,” added Abbs.

“We are delighted to be working with The London Borough of Newham to map out and deploy a mobile solution for its property management – today and on into the future,” commented Colin Reid, Chief Executive, TotalMobile. “The Council is forward thinking with enterprise intentions when it comes to looking at the field of mobile working”.

Newham has increased turnover from £16 million to £27 million, while staff numbers have reduced. Newham’s TotalMobile deployment has contributed to this dramatic increase.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine