NewVoiceMedia Wins Resort Contract

NewVoiceMedia has announced that Grand Pacific Resort Management, a timeshare management company, is adopting ContactWorld for Service to offer a quicker, more personalised customer experience for its owners, guests and partners across all communication channels.

To scale with its growth, Grand Pacific Resort Management recognised the need for a centralised communication solution to manage direct contact across multiple channels. With ContactWorld’s seamless integration with Salesforce, Grand Pacific Resort Management will expedite inquiries and track every customer experience to ensure a premier level of service is delivered every time. The system will immediately route incoming calls and emails to the most appropriate agent through the Salesforce desktop and eliminate the need for manual dialling or data entry, so agents can focus on delivering a good customer service experience.

“As a provider of incredible resort experiences, it is essential for us to provide the highest quality of service to our timeshare owners, customers, and partners across multiple communication channels”, said Jeff Farr, Vice President Revenue Strategy & Technology at Grand Pacific Resort Management.

“We will accomplish this by connecting all our customer support centre solutions to create a seamless system that can proactively address the owners and members’ needs with ease. After speaking with several existing NewVoiceMedia customers, it was exciting to hear that the company consistently maintains the highest level of Salesforce integration in the industry and is a solution that could be easily integrated within our existing systems. Due to its unique service benefits and strong technology integration globally, NewVoiceMedia quickly became the perfect choice for our business”.

“Grand Pacific Resort Management is expanding and the personalised customer service experience that NewVoiceMedia delivers enables the company to differentiate its quality brand experience from other businesses as it grows”, said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “Great customer service provides a critical competitive edge to companies in this day and age, and we are thrilled to help an organisation like Grand Pacific Resort Management achieve that status”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine