Nexsan Releases Next-Gen Unity Storage

Nexsan has announced the next generation of Unity,a unified storage system providing both file (NAS) and block services with Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), n-Way sync, and integrated secure active archiving.

The new Unity systems offer up to 40% performance improvement over similar previous models, more flexible configurations, and reduce costs by more than a third. New all-flash configurations are now available to meet the demands of customers’ high performance applications, as well as hybrid configurations for the more cost conscious.

“We were an early adopter of Nexsan Unity and are now one of Nexsan’s largest customers, using it for many critical city services including video systems for public safety and video surveillance at the airport, said Rick Barnds, Senior IT Manager, City of San Antonio. “Price, reliability, performance… you get to pick two with most other storage providers. Nexsan Unity strikes a careful balance between price and performance along with reliability, a tremendous value.”

The next generation of Unity has been completely re-designed to improve performance and management, increase flexibility, decrease costs, and launch all-flash models. The latest Intel Xeon Processor E5 v4 Family and increased memory allow for more IOPs, lower latency, and power to expand and deliver performance up to 40% over previous similarly configured systems. Additional ports, connectivity options, and the support of SMB 3.0 provides greater configuration flexibility. Because of the new designs, the new hybrid models in similar configurations are up to a third less expensive, delivering significant savings.

“Based on customer demand we knew that a unified system was going to be of interest to the market, but we didn’t realise how quickly it was going to be installed and deployed, and across so many vertical markets.” said Dr. Geoff Barrall, COO, Nexsan. “We’re committed to finding ways to offer our customers and partners even more, and so we invested in a complete upgrade, including the delivery of all-flash configurations.”

“Nexsan’s Unity redefines unified storage by adding enterprise level sync and share to the file and block support unified storage traditionally provides” commented Howard Marks, Chief Scientist, DeepStorage, LLC. “A truly unified solution like Unity levels the file access playing field between local, remote and mobile users while vastly simplifying data management and governance. Corporate IT can, with Unity, offer users a better experience and keep corporate data out of personal Dropbox accounts without all the overhead of creating multiple independently managed repositories.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine