NextiraOne Data Centre and Green IT seminar

NextiraOne is teaming up with North Bristol NHS Trust to deliver a seminar on ICT infrastructure and Data Centre technology including a site visit to a live Data Centre environment. Aimed at addressing the problem of spiraling energy costs and the desire to meet carbon reduction objectives and Government guidelines, the NextiraOne-led seminar is leading the way in demonstrating how to achieve energy and cost-efficient ICT infrastructure.

Hosted by NextiraOne’s Intelligent Building Services Division at the Bristol Aztec Hotel on July 7th 2010, the seminar will include presentations on the top technologies and techniques to consider, along with how to achieve continuous infrastructure improvement. It will be accompanied by real-life customer case studies and followed by a site visit to the new state-of-the-art Data Centre facility at the North Bristol NHS Trust, designed and implemented by NextiraOne.

Stewart Thorley, Head of Intelligent Building Services at NextiraOne, will be leading the seminar. “From an ICT perspective, doing nothing is no longer an option,” says Stewart. “For many years, energy related costs accounted for less than 10% of an organisation’s ICT budget. However these costs are now projected to spiral to over 50%, due to inefficient equipment and poor implementation. With the emphasis now on achieving real energy efficiency, it is vital that organisations seek expert advice on the right ICT and associated buildings technology to adopt if real reductions in energy consumption and related carbon emissions are to be realised.”

In the current economic conditions, with many organisations wishing to achieve budget cuts in IT at the same time as managing rising demand for computing capacity, rapidly increasing energy costs and new low carbon legislation are driving organisations across the UK to re-evaluate their adoption of energy efficient Intelligent Buildings, and the role ICT plays in this.

NextiraOne has extensive experience in designing and implementing Data Centre and infrastructure solutions for many public and private sector customers and the seminar is designed to provide expert advice. It is particularly focused on giving information and practical advice to ICT Managers or Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Operations Management and Facilities or Estates Managers who also have responsibility for building, managing and maintaining their organisation’s IT and Estates. It aims to help organisations to deliver an ICT infrastructure that meets all of their needs, dramatically improving building and ICT efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, controlling rising operational and capital costs and aligning technology and business strategy.

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