NFON and T-Systems Create Dynamic UC Services

NFON AG and T-Systems have partnered to create ‘Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise’. This new service by T-Systems is a Unified Communication quality bundle for companies from 100 extensions. Up to three devices can be attached to each extension – for instance one workplace telephone and one soft client both on the PC as well as on the mobile device.

“Companies that want to keep up with a visibly dynamic and ever faster advancing digitization must enable their employees to go with the high speed of both the competition and the technological progress,” says Patrick Molck-Ude, Managing Director Telecommunication Division at T-Systems. “Contemporary collaboration tools are becoming an enabler for innovation in the digital age. Even if technology accelerates the introduction of new business ideas and models it is still people who actually develop and launch business ideas. Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise is an important component in this.”

Both T-Systems and NFON AG attach great importance to the quality label ‘Made in Germany’, German data security, reliability regarding production and operation as well as zero-touch with the installation – and this Europe-wide. “The services of T-Systems and NFON AG complement each other perfectly, we foster a partnership at eye level”, says Hans Szymanski, Chief Executive Officer of NFON AG. “Both companies are leading with their services and offer an end-to-end solution for business customers. T-Systems complements the Europe-wide proven NFON services with a highly available network as well as other services for the demanding customer.”

Patrick Molck-Ude said “We support and consult companies as to how they can expand collaboration and use it profitable.” NFON stands in this partnership of cloud technology from Germany with relevant legal conformity, disaster recovery (even for smaller businesses), the ability to quickly and flexibly increase or decrease the number of workplaces, data safety and security with a dedicated platform, a high scope of performance with over 150 functions as well as central management. T-Systems on the other hand enables an attractive pricing through favorable licensing models, UC functionality including mobility, cost saving through economies of scale, variable contract terms from 12 months and risk minimization through end-to-end responsibility with defined single SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

‘Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise’ is a solution for companies who want to realign and optimise their communication in the course of digitization and All-IP with the goal of integrating voice services deeper into their business processes. “The NFON AG is an integral element of digitization and together with over 15,000 companies who trust in NFON Europe-wide a very dynamic and efficient partner,” Hans Szymanski adds.

“We see the speed and quality of results from this collaboration with T-Systems as unique. The entire business landscape of communication is in the middle of its greatest challenge: transformation and digitization. Through our partnership we will not only make the change easier for business customers but also offer a product portfolio which is second to none.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine