NGMN & GTI Agree Cooperation to Support LTE

The NGMN Alliance and GTI have today finalised a cooperation agreement which will offer the opportunity to jointly collaborate on progressing LTE.

Both organisations share the view that LTE is one single technology and together will work to support the convergence of both FDD and TDD. The cooperation will lead to the exchange of information and commonly identified projects avoiding duplication of work.

In order to achieve these objectives with regards to LTE-solutions, NGMN and the GTI Participants have agreed to align technical requirements, share experiences, and identify and carry out joint technical co-operation projects which will lead to aligned public messages, actions and requirements including communications to SDOs (Standards Development Organisations).

Peter Meissner, Operating Officer of the NGMN Alliance underlined: “The cooperation will aim to enable and support timely delivery to market of next generation mobile broadband technology – both of LTE TDD and LTE FDD. It will also enable synergies between LTE TDD and LTE FDD and convergence of LTE TDD/ LTE FDD solutions, while avoiding fragmentation of the market.”

Craig Ehrlich, Chairman of the Steering Committee of GTI added: “GTI is committed to deliver one global LTE standard. GTI will work with the NGMN Alliance and the mobile industry to achieve this goal.”

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