Nimans Battles Super Bugs with New Doro Range

There’s a major new weapon in the battle against germs and superbugs following the launch of the world’s first ‘easy clean’ traditional-style telephone range – the brainwave of a former Medic who works for telecoms distributor Nimans.

The unique handsets from fast-growing manufacturer Doro will revolutionise many working environments from hospitals and dental surgeries to garage workshops, production plants, food preparation areas and even domestic kitchens, as they can help stop the spread of killer diseases such as MRSA, E-Coli and SARS.

The growth of multi-resistant bacteria is estimated to have so far cost the UK health care industry £1 billion with tests showing bacteria can survive on surfaces, including telephones for up to 90 days.

Doro say the first line of defence in combating infection is their ‘Easy Clean’ telephone which has a special membrane keypad and sealed gaps as part of a high gloss easy wipe surface. In addition, a magnetic ‘hook switch’ further prevents the migration of germs as part of a simple to clean ‘spray-proof’ design.

The second line of defence is an Anti-microbial version which has the additional benefits of a silver-based compound additive, known as Polygiene. This helps to break the transmission path of disease by actually eliminating microbes on contact. It starts to act instantly and as it is built into the plastic it provides a permanent solution which is active 24 hours a day.

The initial ‘Easy Clean’ concept was devised in 2006, inspired by Gary Redshaw who works in the Purchasing Department of Manchester-based telecoms specialist Nimans. As a former Army Medic, Gary takes a keen interest in hygiene issues and has been alarmed by the spread of MRSA, E-Coli and other infections such as the Norovirus in hospitals across the country – conscious of how potentially lethal bugs can be transferred by telephones.

“The market has been crying out for a product of this nature. It’s a phone for any environment, but particularly hospitals,” said Gary. “The spread of germs is all down to transfer and touch, but the key is to break the transmission path and put up protective barriers to stop them multiplying.”

Chris Millington, UK MD of Sweden’s Doro, believes the company’s innovative research and design philosophy along with rigorous product testing has paid off, with a phone which will have a major impact not just in the UK but also Europe and other international markets. Both models have suggested selling prices of under £35.

“When Gary first suggested the concept we knew this was a great idea, with the potential to have a major impact in the battle to halt the spread of bugs and germs,” he explained. “We conducted some initial research with Nimans and several NHS Trusts and received some very positive feedback. We then decided to build on the platform of our existing AUB200 business phone series as it is a high performance and robust handset which can stand the test of time.”

He continued: “We have introduced two specific telephones; both provide a first line of defence with ‘easy to clean design’ and one has a second line of defence with Polygiene. Both models have flat membrane keypads and magnetic hook switches so they can be sprayed and wiped clean in seconds. There are even sealed plugs for a headset port and of course they are hearing aid compatible like all our corded products.”

He added: “The Anti-microbial version has a special silver additive by Polygiene® in-built into the plastic which will never wear out. As well as being effective against MRSA and E-Coli, it has proven anti-SARS, anti-fungus and antibacterial benefits. Polygiene® is already being used in hospitals such as in the bedding sheets and is the leading anti-microbial additive for this type of solution. There are no irritation issues with skin and it can’t damage the environment.”

Chris concluded: “Whilst there is no substitute for cleaning hands and disinfection, these phones are suitable for any public or work place as they represent an effective way to control and eliminate virtually all harmful bacteria when using a telephone.”

Doro are also planning a special ‘easy clean’ hands-free module for the phone, for use in environments such as hospital theatres, as they continue to invest heavily in research and product development which reflects their position at the forefront of cutting edge communication solutions.

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