Nimans Dealers Welcome HiPath Upgrade

According to distributor Nimans, dealers have welcomed the ‘free’ voicemail functionality and price reductions on offer for version V5.0 of Siemens’ Hi-Path platforms, noting the greater margin and revenue opportunities the new releases offer.

Nimans launched the new 33XX and 35XX in August with a conference call presentation to nearly 30 resellers and personal contact with other dealers within its UK network. Among other benefits these highlighted the integration of a voice mail function for up to 24 users and with auto attendant facilities within the new release – effectively saving dealers around £900. “Earlier Hi-Path solutions did not incorporate a voice mail solution so resellers had to rely on third party alternatives such as the Voxbox Lite which, on standard selling price, would add around £900 to their costs. Dealers clearly appreciated that this will release some pressure on margins in what is the hard fought SME market,” reported Nimans’ Siemens Product Specialist, Paul Walker.

Nimans note that as well as voicemail the new Hi-Path is also Siemens’ first pure IP switch for SMEs, giving dealers the opportunity to upgrade their existing client base with a system which can serve up to 1,000 users over 32 sites and service both voice and data traffic with features such as messaging, Customer Relationship Management and management applications. It also offers greater IP capacity with more channels and enhanced resilience and security whilst a single low cost user license is valid regardless of user numbers.

Other benefits include secure ADSL home and teleworking solutions, wireless LAN and cordless options and integral unified messaging and queue announcements via Xpressions Compact VMC, which allows users to store or forward messages to Microsoft Outlook users, provides on-hold music and one-touch voice recording.

The Hi-Path 3800, a new modular hardware platform that supports up to 500 users, was simultaneously launched by Nimans, with increased functionality and a £700 reduction in the cost of 24 circuit extension cards singled out for dealer praise. The system lets larger businesses take full advantage of the latest IP technologies whilst also offering a four fold increase in processing power than its predecessor. The latter, combined with dual power supplies, has also further improved resilience whilst diagnostic features assist troubleshooting. As well as reduced capital expenditure, users can benefit from lower operating costs as bandwidth for voice, data and video devices is dynamically shared.

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