Nimans Enters Dragons Den

Nimans is hoping to cook-up a sales boost as an exclusive ‘energyEGG’ innovation – that can slash rocketing bills – takes centre stage on national TV.

The energyEGG is appearing on the hit BBC2 TV show Dragons’ Den this Sunday, February 23rd. It’s the brainchild of Brian O’Reilly, a 38-year-old entrepreneur and father of four who found himself constantly nagging his wife and children for leaving appliances on when nobody was using them around their home. His motion sensor system goes before Duncan Bannatyne and co in a bid to secure additional investment.

The ingenious invention automatically turns off devices such as TV’s, games consoles, DVD players and lights when they’re not being used – typically saving 30% on the running costs of connected appliances and lights.

The energyEGG’s ‘SitStill’ sensor can even detect if people have left a room or still inside. Simple to use and set and forget, it wirelessly connects to a control adaptor, light switch or six-outlet power strip, which has the added ability of being able to leave certain devices on stand-by, such as a satellite receiver. One button can switch all devices on or off.

Pet compatible, the energyEGG is also great for potentially hazardous items such as irons and hair straighteners. Brian recently teamed-up with Nimans to launch the product in the UK, attracting a raft of major retail names such as Maplin and Amazon.

The technology – originally developed as a prototype – is now available in a striking black design as part of a host of clever developments. For instance, as well as being able to switch off appliances and lights when they’ve been inadvertently left on, it can now be configured to switch them back on when people enter a room. “We based all of the updates to the product on customer feedback”. Brian explained: “The convenient ‘set and forget’ nature of the energyEGG appeals to those looking for a hassle-free way to save energy.”

With energy prices going through the roof, it’s no wonder people are turning to this type of technology, according to Brian.

“Energy prices seem to rise every year. Energy has become such a valuable commodity it’s simply too expensive to waste. As energy prices continue to rise, so does demand for the energyEGG. People want to take control and fight back. The energyEGG is a very cost effective solution and allows them to do just that.”

Brian is remaining tight-lipped about how the TV judges react to his pitch in the Den, as he concluded: “Appearing in front of the Dragons’ was a nerve-wracking experience but I’m hoping the exposure will help as we continue to grow the business”, he explained. Prices for the energyEGG range start from £49.99 RRP.

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