Nimans Entices Resellers to Capitalise on Call Recording

Comms distributor Nimans is offering resellers a cut price way to gain a share of the lucrative call recording market – simplifying the ‘black art’ of voice processing solutions as part of a ‘cradle to grave’ service.

Dealers can obtain a Retell 957 Advance (for demonstration purposes) for £59.99 compared to the RRP of £250 – offering them an ideal way to dip their toe into the world of call recording for the first time.

Nimans works with several leading industry brands and has appointed Allan Merten as a dedicated ‘guru’ – spanning voice recording, music and information on hold and call logging expertise.

“Some resellers are unaware of the huge revenue potential and how they can buy the latest products from us,” said Allan. “We want to open their eyes about the multi-million-pound opportunities out there.”

He emphasised: “Nimans are really focused on this part of the market. Some resellers think it is a black art. We want to help demystify any confusion and show customers just how easy it is to embrace these technologies. It’s not complicated; we are here to support them every step of the way, from training to implementation.”

Allan pointed out: “There are three reasons to use call recording; compliance, dispute resolution and training. For a reseller it’s a value add service when selling a system particularly in any contact centre or customer-facing environment. They should be selling this type of technology because if they are not then someone else will be. We provide a cradle to grave proposition based on how to sell, install, maintain and up-skill staff if necessary. Some resellers are missing out and don’t even realise it.”

Allan says call recording remains a strong standalone proposition, as opposed to being part of the unified comms mix – based on recording, retrieving, archiving and then retrieving calls.

He concluded: “Call recording has in the past been seen as expensive and complicated. But today it is a very cost effective and simple solution which plays a vital role in the smooth operation of businesses across many sectors.”

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