Nimans Gets Ahead with New GN Jabra Sales Guide

Distributor Nimans is urging dealers to ‘use their heads to boost margins’ after producing a comprehensive guide for Jabra GN headsets

“Today there is greater demand to communicate 24/7 and on the move. Whether your customers are based in an office, in a call centre, at home or on the road, headsets give them the flexibility and freedom to move around their own workspace increasing their productivity,” said Nimans’ headset specialist Lynsey Brown.

She added: “This is great news for a dealer’s margins as more sales opportunities are created by a growing and increasingly diverse product range. In addition tougher penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving are also adding to headset demand.”

The dedicated 20-page dealer guide has easy-to-use colour-coded sections for Cordless, Bluetooth and Corded Headsets as well as topics on accessories and compatibility.

“Dealers need to be shouting about the many advantages of using headsets which can increase productivity by over 40% as well as improving the quality of sound for both user and caller,” Lynsey added.

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