Nimans Hails WLAN Developments

Tom Maxwell

Nimans is hailing the latest WLAN developments from Samsung as a significant step forward – further establishing its stature as a major market player.

The latest software release for Samsung Enterprise WLAN represents even more compelling reasons for resellers to embrace one of the fastest growing industry sectors, says the comms solutions specialist.

“The additional functionality of Version 3 software marks another major milestone in the fast track development of the product – which according to independent research from the Tolly Group outperforms some big name rivals in coverage, speed and quality of voice and data service,” said Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans.

He pointed out how enhanced functionality includes:

•New Access Point capacities – up to 1,000 per controller
•Rogue Access Point detection and prevention
•Improved Gateway Support
•Better synchronization
•Enhanced Captive portal features
•Enhanced Access Control List (ACL) functionality

Tom says Version 3 further demonstrates why the time is now for resellers to enter the fast-growing WLAN arena, already worth £250m in the UK which is set to expand by 20% this year. New industry research forecasts that Wi-Fi networks will carry almost 60% of smartphone and tablet data traffic by 2019.

“WLAN is a natural evolution of voice and data communications with education, retail and hospitality huge areas to target, Tom pointed out.

He highlighted how Samsung WLAN is based on expandable ‘bullet proof’ hardware that can seamlessly integrate into existing Samsung architecture or be rolled out across other comms system platforms.

Tom explained that density, coverage, performance, mobility and protection were key considerations for wireless success – areas where Samsung WLAN excels.

He concluded: “As the only voice and data distributor in the market with this product set, Nimans holds an unrivalled advantage and boasts comprehensive reseller support from start to finish, with a dedicated WLAN team. Version 3 software is another significant step forward.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine